Explore Bay Of Islands Famous Beaches

Happiness Comes in Waves 

If you are visiting New Zealand for the first time or maybe it’s your multiple visits already, Bay of Island is the one no-one likes to escape from their New Zealand itinerary. From the historical ambience of charming Russel town to the perfect weather of this winterless north, every visitor would want to explore bay of islands. We have already brought to your attention in every place you need to explore the unique marine world in the bay of islands. 

Among other famous tourist attractions of the Bay of Island, the beaches in the Island area are some of the most visited spots. This highly popular destination is frequented by the travelers during the summer months from both overseas as well as New Zealand. Those looking for blue water and warm weather can head to the north and enjoy their stay at some of the offbeat cottages and hotel. Te Koha Lodge towards the north of Island area gives you an exclusive chance of living in solitude for a relaxing holiday. 

Besides unique marine world, there are many adventure activities to be explored, but at times all that you need is just sun, a beach towel, good sunscreen and a book. Isn’t it? The best way to explore bay of islands above the ocean is to visit some of the famous beaches. Here’s the favorite of all beaches on both the sides to explore bay of islands. 

Explore Bay of Islands With Best of East & West Beaches

Russell Beach Towards The East

Streamy View At Kororareka Bay

This is a sheltered beach of approximately 750 m located in the close vicinity of small-town Russell. Easy for swimming and perfect for a walk next to town’s cafes and shops. There is a beautiful grassy strip that separates the town area to the beach. If you visit Kororareka Bay in December, you might be extra lucky to be able to see the rare Pohutakawa trees in full blooms. The sand at the beach is sloping down and stony with the calm water. You can enjoy the view of smooth boat streams drifting gently towards Russell’s wharf which is right in the middle of the bay area.

Enjoy The Long Walk At Oneroa Bay

While Kororareka beach is a small yet quick getaway, you would also love Oneroa Bay also known as Long Beach. The Long Beach is almost 20 minutes of walk to the hillside. The eye-catching long sandy beach is an excellent walk for families with kayaking and safe swimming. The northern end of the corner has Donkey Bay also famous for being a naturist bay similar to explore Bay of Islands.

Have Fun Swimming At Tapeka Beach

Little further from Oneroa beach lies the Tapeka point which is about half an hour walk from the town of Russell. The beach area is protected from swell and waves, and it doesn’t go too far. This gives visitors a perfect chance for swimming at all point of time. 

Surfing and Camping At Elliot Bay

Wanting to explore bay of islands beyond Russell? Take a 30 minutes drive from the town to the east coast and reach Elliot bay which is very popular with surfing and camping enthusiasts. So, if you are looking for a hideout with friends in the beachy world with the fun of surfing, Elliot bay lets you explore bay of islands, and it’s famous adventure activities. 

It’s more rugged than the Russel beach and offers visitors white sand, good sun and a perfect place to bask in the sun. Though it is to be noted that there’s not much regarding local amenities, so plan your visit as a day picnic, or if you want to stay for a while, camping is another best option.

Paihia Beaches Towards The West

Among the western strip of the beaches, explore bay of islands Paihia beach which takes around fifteen minutes to reach on a ferry ride. On the western side of the bay, there are two beaches, Taiputuputu Pahi and Te Tii Bay. Paihia town beach is locally known as Taiputuputu Pahi which is one of the busiest beaches, and you can find many people sunbathing on the greener strip of the bay area. 

Meanwhile, another fifteen-minute walk to the north will take you to a larger area of Te Tii Bay. During the summer season, many hired jet skis and kayaks are seen on the shore. So, if you are looking to explore bay of islands beyond the underwater world, spending some quality time with your travel buddy at one of these beaches would definitely serve as a memoir of your New Zealand travel. 

For the more alternative beach adventure and explore bay of islands, take a ferry ride all the way to the largest island of Urupukapuka in the Bay of Island. You will find many beaches, beautiful views and short walks full of licensed cafes for serving drinks and food.

So, next time when someone talks about exploring the beach life of New Zealand you may want to explore bay of islands through walking. That’s right! The simple pleasure of walking doesn’t require anything more than a nice pair of shoes, warm weather and drinks to keep the company.