Guide To Some of The Favorite Bay of Islands Restaurants in New Zealand

What to eat under the world's second bluest sky in New Zealand?

If you are traveling to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, then you must know that besides adventure activities like sailing, fishing, surfing, it’s also famous for offering Bay of Islands restaurants serving different varieties of unique cuisines. Set amidst the stunning and serene surroundings, the bay of islands restaurants provides you choices from nouveau cuisine to traditional menus along with a variety of beverages prepared you locally to taste. No matter where you eat at Bay of Islands restaurants, the view will always be gorgeous. 

Enjoy the relaxed bars and cafes, from farmer markets to fresh fish & chips at the beach sunset, Bay of Islands restaurants has everything for everyone. Relish the local delicacies and excellent seafood at one of the Bay of Islands restaurants to discover the perfect taste for your palette and relax after a fun time at sea. 

There are three small and beautiful towns to visit at the Bay of Islands, Russell, Kerikeri and Paihia-each one holding the roots of early colonial and Māori history. The focus of cuisines around the Bay of Islands restaurants is also inspired by the sea, which is a refreshing change from heavy lamb menus that is found at rest of the restaurants in New Zealand. The constant water flotilla of yachts, kayaks, parasails, and fishing boats across the turquoise water of Bay of Island brings in tourists who like to enjoy cafes, bars, and wineries in the area. 

From the breakfast in a historic whaling tavern to lunch in the middle of working vineyard, here are five of the well-known bay of Islands restaurants stops on your tour to the Bay of Islands.

Enjoy Your Meal At These Bay of Islands Restaurants 

Ake Ake Vineyard Restaurant

Located thirty minutes drive from secluded Huntway Lodge at the Matauri Bay and five miles from Kerikeri, Ake Ake is the first and only certified vineyard to the north of Auckland. The Vineyard restaurant offers unique Chambourcin to more traditional vine-like traditional Sauvignon Blanc at the Cellar door of the vineyard. There are plenty of different wines to taste from. And if you feel hungry for the lunchtime, the tables amidst the beautiful vines and chef using the vineyard garden’s own ingredients to prepare the special meal, Ah! What a takeaway memory of New Zealand!

Street Food Lovers at Ti Bay Takeaways

Talking of takeaways, one of the favorite bay of islands restaurants for backpackers as well as locals is Ti Bay takeaways from Paihia town. Enjoy the freshly prepared fish and chips fried and served just a few meters from the blue ocean. For all the street food lovers, its’ a must visit place in the bay of Island area special if you are in Paihia town. For little over $7 NZ, you can cherish you two crispy whitefish with golden fries wrapped in brown paper. If you are going on a fishing trip, you can bring your catch and let them fry it for you in front of you.

Open Air Alongside Bar

Another one of the famous Bay of Islands restaurants in Paihia town is Alongside Bar. Located towards a small pier extending above the bay area, Alongside Bar is an open-air restaurant cum bar which serves as an excellent place for sipping the cocktail, craft beer while watching the floating sailboats in the ocean. The bar restaurant is close to the ferries and offers some really nice lunch options serving comfort foods from the sea like green mussels, snapper sliders, beer battered oysters from Orongo Bay. When you have a view like that and mouthwatering food like these, you are surely feeling the bliss of the life. 

Aesthetically Flavoured Provenir Cuisine & Cellar

The chefs in New Zealand are exploring the modernist dining everywhere you go making it little hard for an upscale restaurant. The taste and quality of food found in some of Bay of Islands restaurants are top notches. One such ambitious restaurant in Paihia food scene is Provenir. The restaurant follows the trend with well-arranged dishes with added flavor for aesthetics by the chef. Enjoy the taste of local New Zealand ingredients such as Akaroa salmon sliced and served with citrus fruits and horseradish for a complete NewZealand food experience.

Finally, The Gables

Last but not the least, adding the image of history to your dining theme is one of the famous Bay of Islands restaurants The Gables. Gables building was build in 1847 and proudly maintains its part in Russell town’s bawdier history. After the renovation, the Gables has restored the historical details including the wooden floors and mantle fireplace. You can enjoy a lavish local meal paired with the sample of Northland vines from Mahurangi River Winery and Omaha Bay Winery.

New Zealand is proud of its diversity which allows multi-national and multi-cultural people to influence the local cuisine. If you are towards the Island side, there are plenty of Bay of Islands restaurants where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the meal with some of best wines from the country.