Favorite Activities To Pick On Paihia Boat Trips in Bay of Islands

Start with the jewel in the neckace, Paihia!

If you are looking to start exploring Bay of Islands, start with the jewel in the necklace, Paihia! Wrapped in history and packed with an enormous amount of adventure, you would want to spend your New Zealand holidays in this action-packed coastal town taking Paihia boat trips, walks, bikes and everything you wish to do. Here's your guide to all the fun stuff you can take up in this mini Paihia guide.

Whether you want to enjoy Paihia boat tours in the ocean or explore few of 144 islands or prefer hiking, skydiving, you have many things to do with your Paihia exploration itinerary. From Paihia boat trips to historic sites, beaches and bush walk, everything is within the short distance. Check out the underwater in one of the Bay of Islands boat trips or via scuba diving. 

Explore Paihia Walks

  1. Opua Forest: This is one of the convenient and quick walks that takes you into native forest overlooking stunning viewpoint of Paihia coast.

  2. Haruru fall track: Starting from the mangrove forest at grounds of Waitangi Treaty the walk will lead to the riverside forest. Look for wetland birds on the way reaching your final destination of Haruru fall.

  3. Urupukapuka Island: Take a Paihia boat trip to the largest island of Bay of Islands, Urupukapuka. It is famous for its bird sanctuary which is well connected. Spend some time walking to view some awesome scenes, and you can also go walking from one beach to another. Book one of the Bay of Islands boat trips for nigh kayaking or sky watching at Urupukapuka island.

Water Activities on Paihia Boat Tours

Exploring Paihia is incomplete without getting on the water in one of the Paihia boat trips. There are more than countable ways of enjoying the coastal paradise from scuba diving to kayaking. 

  1. Island and Wildlife Cruises: Paihia boat tours depart daily from Wharf onto the water and explore some of the islands from the total of 144 spread across the beautiful bay. On your bay of islands boat trips, you will catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins, orcas, and seals.

  2. Sailing: How about hoisting the sails on your Paihia boat trips and get behind the boat helm in a sailing tour around the bay area. You can stop around different beaches, sit back, drink and relax to catch the sunset at the ocean.

  3. Kayaking & Waka Paddling: When you take one of the Paihia boat trips, you can also choose to paddle yourself on a Kayak. Perhaps hiring an expert free kayak to paddle around will give you the opportunity to explore some less crowded places on your own. Take it all the way down to Waitangi river or try a traditional Maori canoe for more local taste

  4. Fishing: Thinking what to do on your bay of islands boat trips? Go out with your fishing rod, and you will be surely be returning with a couple of snappers for your lunch. You can either book a fishing charter or experience an overnight sky watch with Paihia boat trips and cruise operators.

Paihia Adventure Activities

If you wish to keep yourself dry, then trying out these off-air adventures in Paihia is a perfect getaway.

1. Parasailing: 

If you are taking one of those bay of islands boat trips, then Paihia Wharf will be the place where your parasailing adventure will begin. Get harnessed by the professionals under the colorful canopy and fly upto 1200ft. If you are already thrilled with taking off and landing on your boats, then the incredible feeling of views from the top will certainly be something to be remembered forever. 

2. Skydiving: 

Want to go little higher? More extreme? Then how about taking a plunge into the famous Bay of Islands. Picture yourself taking one of the Paihia boat trips and flying off to 9,000ft, 12,000ft or 16,000ft and getting a free fall. Sounds like a plan! Isn't it? If the weather is good, you can even land on the beach side. Since skydiving companies can pick you from your accommodations, you surely would not wish to miss a thrill like this.

Paihia Mountain Biking

Bay of Islands offer you best of air, land, and ocean and when it comes to mountains, nothing matches better than biking. Either you cruise on the scenic 87km trail or enjoy the downhill biking trails, Paihia has your biking love covered.

1. Waitangi Bike Park: 

Ride past the Waitangi golf course and down the Bayley road, the park is growing dedicated biking park. It has all types of trails from cross country, jump trails, scenic, simple downhills and more rugged trails for advanced riders. Weaved between the trees of pine forest, the ride will keep you on your toes. If sailing on Paihia boat tours were smooth, mountain biking would give you bumps, thrill, and speed. 

2. Twin Coastal Trail: 

If the park was something that pulled you back from exploring more, cycling across the farmland will surely give you fresh air and lot of freedom. The historic tunnels, countryside and forest trails will surely make you forget the bay of islands boat trips. 

To make your New Zealand visit a wholesome experience, you can pick anything from activities mentioned above to be done at Bay of Islands. If you are traveling from Auckland and want to experience a contemporary stay away from hustle, excellent Te Koha Lodge to little ahead of Bay of Island give you beautiful coastal stay with utmost privacy. Sweeten your stay before heading for some adventure in one of the Paihia boat trips.