Your Guide For Beach Activities In New Zealand

The land of All Blacks, Hobbiton's home, and every traveler's dream

New Zealand, Ahh! There are tons of ways to experience this adventure land and immerse yourself in natural wonder. But there's one thing that you would not want to miss at all. Beaches, That’s right! If you are looking for best beaches bay of islands has to offer, you would also want to know what all can you do on these beaches. So, get your jandals and togs ( thongs and swimmers in local language) and go down to the shorelines for some me times. 

Most of you might have explored beaches all across the world, but every beach has its own story to tell and its own respective activities to offer. For all the visitors looking forward to spending some time in New Zealand's best beaches bay of islands, here five beach activities you can try on your travel. 

One of Best Beaches Bay of Islands offer: Paihia beach

Drive 3 hours to the north of busy Auckland, and you will be at the jewel of majestic Bay of Islands. Paihia beach is one of the best beaches Bay of Islands have that offers ultimate retreat and aquatic playground. Enjoy the black sands and try some adventure activities like abseiling and surfing. To connect with nature, you can trek your way into Paihia beach’ native forest with waterfall to welcome you.  Add more fun and visit the local village and find a surf club with restaurant and bar. It’s a great way to enjoy the sunset of New Zealand at Paihia beach. For travelers seeking some quality time can also visit Te Koha Lodge at Te Ngaere Bay, facing the South Pacific ocean.

Explore 90 Mile Beach

Not really true to the name, 90 Mile stretches far off to 88 kilometers all the way to the end of NewZealand. It’s one of longest stretch in New Zealand, and the immensity won’t disappoint. Take a tour and race past the incredible waves on a bus specially designed to ride alongside the edges of the ocean with ease. 

Try surf casting or let your adrenaline rush go to another level with a slide down the Te Paki’s massive dunes at the northern boundary of the beach. The best beaches Bay of Islands can offer lets you absorb all the nature within you. Let your day end with a quiet and calm walk to the Cape Reinga Lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean where the Pacific meets the Tasman.

Hike On the Abel Tasman

Let yourself absorbed by the beauty of National Park of Abel Tasman by hiking the coast track. You can choose to go their independently or on a guided walk. Visit sandy golden beaches and experience swimming in the sky blue ocean water. As you walk across the 47m bridge, admire the Falls River, and lucky ones can get the glimpse of Fur seals also known as Kekeno across the shore of the national park. 

Walk into the woods and enjoy Cleopatra Pool which is also a natural, enchanting rock pool with moss lined slides of water that goes into the clear, cool lagoon. With a moderately perfect climate for hiking, the Abel Tasman coastal track remains one of the best beaches Bay of Islands can offer with new areas and incredible views.

Kayaking towards Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove is perhaps one of the picturesque locations of New Zealand on the Coromandel Peninsula. That makes it a must visit the place. A relaxing walk   Hahei Beach to the Cathedral Cove has definitely made into most of the top travel’s blogger’s list. If you want to explore the full beauty of the area, get on a sea kayak and float into the cove via ocean. Your imagination of beauty will go to another level of happiness when you paddle your kayak through the sea caves. 

Let sun feel your face and enjoy the water splash fight with paddles, keeping your eyes wide and open for marine wildlife. Once you are done with the water amusement, explore the white shores and appreciate the rugged beauty of archways and giant rock caverns. The pohutukawa native trees and crystal clear water along the sandy edge makes it a place worth a remembrance just like Paihia beach.

Get Close To Native Wildlife

The stunning and diverse array of wildlife gracing the seashores, New Zealand gives you everything from unique animals to rare birds and marine animals up and close. Join a native wildlife tour and use this opportunity to see a beautiful and rare bird of ocean, the mighty Royal Albatross. The walk alongside the coastline lets you observe breeding colonies of Fur Seals also known as kekeno. If you are lucky to travel around that time of the year, you will be fortunate to find little seal pups flopping and playing around the rocks of Paihia beach.

Piha Beach

Stretching along Auckland's west coasts, the vast land of Piha Beach gives you a grand welcome on black coal sandy coastline. While you start your beach travels from Paihia beach, don’t forget to end your trail at Piha. It’s one of the most famous and best beaches bay of islands have to offer. Famous for its raw and untouched rugged beauty the beach entices world class surfers who are adventurous enough to tame the actively wild waves.

The rocky terrain and volcanic sands provide excellent room for larger than life adventures where the huge Lion Rock gives the daring travelers chance to view the coastline and beach from the top of the rock. The tourists can stroll to the Kitekite Track and see the Kitekite majestic fall taking a walk on a quiet, soft beach. The Piha beach gives you a perfect sunset with blazing fiery orange and pink hues over the ocean making it one of best beaches bay of islands can offer to the travelers in New Zealand.