Backpacking Tips For Travellers In New Zealand

Adventure Sports, Stunning Scenery and Warm Locals?

If you have planned a backpacking trip in New Zealand, the Long White Cloudland is a backpacker's paradise for every right reason. Afterall, where would you get the epic combination of adventure sports, stunning scenery and warm locals? When you are in New Zealand, you really cannot miss Bay of Islands which is dotted with hundred mini tropical islands. 

Every day, the water changes into every shade of blue and white sandy beaches take every bay of islands backpackers breath away. If you are looking to experience the life of bay of islands backpackers, Bay of Island has everything from swimming, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling - or just relax, soak up a little sun and enjoy spending time at the bars and restaurants.

Not only Bay of Islands beautiful, for the bay of islands backpackers, but it is also going to be easy travel all around. In fact, it's arguably one of the independent budget and backpacker friendly countries on the planet. Be it the miles of unchartered territories, the bay of islands walks, qualify of life and spectacular remote scenery or just a laidback lifestyle, something about Bay of Islands in New Zealand will grab your sense of contentment to stay back little longer. 

So, are you considering a trip to become bay of islands backpackers? Sweet! While New Zealand is welcoming and relaxed, you might want to follow some of these tips while tripping as the bay of islands backpackers for the first time. 

1. Arriving in New Zealand

Most of the international flights land in Auckland. It's a city that is always keeping busy and minding its own business letting you into the charming neighborhoods and beaches nearby. Before you set your itinerary to match the bay of islands backpackers, you can spend a day here. You can head to Waiheke Island, which is just 35 minutes ride on a ferry giving you olive groves, beautiful vineyards, and beaches to explore. A day at Auckland on budget travel is more than enough before you set out to travel from North to South and explore bay of islands backpackers paradise. 

2. Travel From North to South

One of the common travel questions people ask while traveling in New Zealand is, where to start from: South or North?

While the north of New Zealand is absolutely stunning with Bay of Islands, you should also not miss Coromandel Region in the Southern Island. Bay of Islands backpackers would love vast space of sandy beaches, relaxing bay of islands walks and tons of water activities. 

The drives in the mountains are spectacular, and Bay of Island walks are ever greater on the rocky coastline and beer is best to be finished on the south island of New Zealand. If you are starting from the Northern Island, add more value to your backpacking with Te Koha Lodge that offers you quaint surroundings and excellent stay experience next to the evergreen scenery and ocean.

3. Experience Great Walks in Bay of Island

For backpackers, the road trips across the country will reveal considerably more untouched territories than any other mean. Tourism is already a big business in most parts of New Zealand's, yet there is a large part of New Zealand mainly in Bay of Islands itself which is remote and stunning than any other destinations in the world. 

More than 30% of the land has been converted into National Parks. There are series of Bay of Islands walks throughout the coastal region which you should have experience of in one of your backpacking trips. Check out Abel Tasman Track, Routeburn Track, Motoura Island, and one of the walks on both southern and northern part of the country.

4. Go Mountain Biking

Kiwis have an immense love for their bikes and the mountain biking. Wherever you go, you will find single track roads for mountain biking. Rotorua in North Island is inarguably the best mountain biking capital of the country. Before you head for a one of the peaceful Bay of Islands walks, hire a cruiser bike and spend atleast one day exploring the trails of Whakarewarewa Forest. There are high chances you would want to go away for another day or two. 

In New Zeland where there are few budget activities, mountain biking is an excellent way to spend your day and explore the countrysides of Russell, Paihia and Kerikeri area. So, drive along the Bay of Islands, take few wrong turns and get in conversations with locals to know more of the most beautiful destination in the world. 

5. Nigh Kayaking In Bay of Islands

Your experience of Bay of Islands backpackers would be incomplete without having to experience night kayaking. You can pick any guided tour to enjoy the stars above and below you. 

The illuminating night sky with stars will also give you the chance to see the phosphorescence in the ocean water. The tiny ocean organisms store the radiation and let off the phosphorescent light when disturbed. If you thought your Bay of Islands walks were magical, wait till you see this phenomenon happening right in front of your eyes. Even a picture would not do any justice to this experience.

Despite the fact that it's your first or a second backpacking trip in New Zealand, there's plenty to do and more to see in the country. While most of the bay of islands backpackers love to explore the adventure activities, many backpackers enjoy their books, sun, and a calm bay of islands walks. So no matter, what type of bay of islands backpackers do you wish to be, there is something for everyone in New Zealand.