Traveling to NewZealand? Enjoy The White Water Bay of Islands Kayaking

Let the river take you where it flows

For those traveling to New Zealand, Auckland will serve as a departure point for your Bay of Island trips. For travelers, backpackers there are plenty of activities to do in Bay of Islands which we have also shared in our New Zealand guides. However, when you are at Bay of Island, you cannot miss an experience of kayak Paihia has to offer. The Bay of Islands Kayaking is one of the memorable experience that many travelers have often shared through their blogs on the internet. After, the marine paradise of New Zealand is a perfect way to watch nature personally and close up.

Explore some of the untouched islands, take kayak Paihia tours with dolphins, experience the bay of Islands kayaking around waterfall or fish for tasty Snapper. The bay of islands kayaking is an ideal activity for everyone in the group, school groups, individuals, and families. With caves, more than hundred islands,  exploring the area with Bay of Islands kayaking is a true kayaker's delight. Visit the caves, archways, historic areas, bird life, marine world or simply relax and enjoy the stunning scenery with your kayak Paihia tours. What more?? They are less crowded, and you can easily uncover places of North Island that you might not have gone otherwise.

We bring you hidden bay of Islands kayaking gems that offers you serenity and stunning scenery and a lifetime experience of your New Zealand visit.

Paihia Mangrove Forest, Northland

You cannot think of any other place to start kayaking than Bay of Islands. It's one of the top kayaking gems. For those in love with the offbeat tracks, different kayak Paihia tours can take you through the majestic mangrove forests.

Still, there’s no way we could leave the Bay of Islands completely off our hidden kayaking gems list. For something just off the beaten track that a lot of people miss, though, we highly recommend taking the chance to kayak through Paihia’s majestic mangrove forests instead of (or as well as) the beaches, coves, waterfalls and lagoons the Bay of Islands has to offer.

Mangroves forests are the most important part of New Zealand's ecosystem providing essential living conditions and resources for the natural flora and fauna inhabited in this quaint and most beautiful part on the planet. Talking about picturesque and peaceful living, for visitors to the North Island, one of the ocean facing private locations for your holidays at Te Koha Lodge at Te Ngaere Bay. You can also inquire about the kayaking in the mangrove forest at the hotel who can check a suitable kayak Paihia tour offering exclusive options during twilight and night time. 

Night Kayaking

Now if you think what's all about night and twilight kayaking, you should just hold on to the horses, because the adventure and fun have just begun. There are many kayak Paihia tour operators who offer Twilight Kayaking and Night Safari giving you plenty to explore via bay of islands kayaking. 

The tourists can enjoy the added whitewater kayaking and glowing sunset or spotlit dark waterfall under the rising moon, millions of stars and jumping fish, noisy Owls and rare Kiwis. During the shoulder season paddling around the spotlit waterfall and watching the glowing luminescence is a hit light. 

Coastal Kayak Tours

For more than two decades, people coming to New Zealand are enjoying the coastal Kayaking offered by guided kayak Paihia tours from Paihia bay to Russell, historic river of Waitangi, Haruru Falls, and islands of Bay. 

There are options for full day and the half day that caters to all types of people and desire for experience and adventure. Suitable for families and individual, large groups and cruises. The coastal kayaking can be done on both double as well single kayaks which are available with experts as well free rentals to explorer. 

Sea Kayaking

Get a crystal clear waterside view of stunning scenery around the bay of Island area in the sea kayaks. Paddle around the pohutukawas under seaside and tackle the growing waves. Whatever may be the challenge, there are wonderful new and old spots to explore in your kayak in and around the Bay of Islands.

Pick any bay of islands kayaking tour and explore everything that kayak Paihia tours have to offer. New Zealand is perhaps the best destination to explore the kayaking in the natural habitat of ocean, sky, marine wildlife and beautiful scenery. You won't get tired of the bay of islands kayaking experience because there is no much to do with bird watching, water activities, swimming with dolphins and relaxing with water waves. 

Give yourself the dose of the fantastic location, food, wine and nature at its' best with none other than New Zealand's Bay of Islands kayaking experience. Not to mention the warm Kiwi locals to hang out and learn about the history of the place.