Reasons Why New Zealand is the World’s Best Skydiving Destination

Ready to challenge the status quo?

New Zealand has always been a go-to the country and the top pick for adventure sports giving you inspiring thrill and experience of ultimate skydiving NewZealand has to offer.

If you are still not really convinced here are some of the motivating reasons confirming why New Zealand is the best skydiving destination in the world. After learning, you are surely going to add the locations to your bucket list. So, go ahead and awaken the adventure junkie in you for life's ultimate skydiving experience in New Zealand.

Variety of Skydiving NewZealand Operators

Not able to make up your mind if you want to fly over the picturesque lakes, sand beached or snow-covered mountains? Don't worry, as there are plenty of pick from the different locations throughout the country. Skydiving over the epic ranges of Fox glacier, a beautiful park of Abel Tasman, stunning lakes of Taupo and much more. Turn to skydiving New Zealand experts for the best picks. 

Heartwarming Breathtaking Scenery  

Imagine jumping out of a plane from the high altitude of over 16,000ft and flying towards the crystal clear Lake Taupo, frozen Glaciers, Queenstown mountains and the beautiful Southern Alps or hovering above the perfect white sandy Whangerei beaches. New Zealand offers you out of the world scenery, and that's perhaps one of the top honest reason to go skydiving. 

Best time for skydiving new Zealand: Morning is the suitable time for skydiving as weather change occurs post noontime. 

Best months for skydiving new Zealand: Skydiving is available throughout the year. Remember to keep warm layered clothes to handle the winters at New Zealand.

Professional and Expert Skydiving Industry 

With tons of destinations offering skydiving New Zealand offers, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands. The professional skydiving instructors make sure that your safety is their utmost concern. There are many renowned companies in Queenstown, Paihia, and Auckland offering world-class skydiving with whopping 75,000 jumps in a year. The certified skydivers, instructors, have thousands of jumps ensuring that you get the thrilling jump, as well as you, get to land alive and breathing. 

Let a Personal Photographer record your experience

Capture every single moment of exciting adventure with a private photographer who will record your dive from the very beginning to the end. Return home and save these amazing pictures as well as videos to share with your folks and friends on what a daredevil you are in reality. 

If the idea of getting your skydive recorded live over Queenstown's natural beauty is not convincing enough to make you go for Skydiving New Zealand, then don't know what really will.  

Memories to last lifetime

Make the most of New Zealand adventure with the skydiving jump with your partner, friends, and family together. Jump rocketing over the beautiful landscape with the terminal velocity of speed which one cannot forget very easily. There's tons of fantastic stuff for children as well. Pick your trail and get going because this moment may not come back again ever.

Other Adventure Activities

Once you are done conquering skydiving New Zealand, you can also set your sight on other adventurous activities that this beautiful country has to offer. There are bungy jumping, Nevis swing, rafting, jet boating, caving, black water rafting, skiing, kayaking and lot more. For adventure lovers, New Zealand is more of a paradise hiding its precious gems and the possibilities of doing everything you ever loved. 

Post Skydiving Fun

So, if you are satisfied with your adventure craving with skydiving NewZealand,  all you need to do is to relax and kick back. There are private lodges like Te Koha Lodge located to the north of the Bay of Islands on top of a spectacular hill. Perfect for relaxing with an overlooking deck area towards the golden beaches and beautiful bays of Motueka, Wainui, and Cavalli. 

New Zealand will not disappoint! Local flavors, castles, house-sized boat, vineyards, modern cities, and farmlands, there is something to be explored by everyone at this little paradise after the skydiving New Zealand experience.

Finally, The Finger Licking Food

For those experiencing skydiving New Zealand and other adventure acts, there's one thing that will stay common. These activities leave you all hungry for soul-filling good food. Almost every location in New Zealand is capable of serving all major cuisines ranging from Continental, India, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian and Mexican. Not only international food, but the local variety of food is also one to vouch for. The comfort NZ food such as Pavlova and Sausage sizzles are enough to make you want to try more. 

So, are you still waiting? Pack your bags and head to the Kiwi land and experience the excitement of skydiving New Zealand has to offer.