Exploring Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand

Another season has come!

The clocks will skip forward, and it's time you get your backpacks out and planning done. Whether this would be your first ever visit to New Zealand or you are already a born and raised Kiwi, there are always places to explore. It has one of the best natural gifts in the form of some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand.

No matter what place you plan to go, there's always a picture on a postcard you want to visit. From the white sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, the rainforests to sparkling caves - New Zealand famous places are waiting to be visited.

Traveling around the country is really easy. There are self-driven holidays that gives you the flexibility to relax, stop and admire every beautiful spot. So, if you are looking for new Zealand famous places this holidaying season.

Here's your list of some of the beautiful places in New Zealand.


One of the most beautiful places in New Zealand is perfect for Auckland holiday goes, the Coromandel Peninsula. It's a quick 2.5-hour drive from the central city. Despite being near, it gives you escape into mountain cloaked native forests and coastline of golden sandy beaches. Two of the New Zealand famous places in the peninsula are: Hike to Cathedral Cove and dig your natural hot tub at water beach.


Local or a tourist, the Northern Island consists of 144 islands making Bay of Island a top holiday spot. Located three hours down the Auckland, the bay is a magical place. Book yourself cruises from Paihia and explore the remarkable marine world with penguins, whales, and dolphins.


One of the less traveled roads by Kiwis and tourists is Dunedin road. However, those who make their way to south surely know what they could have missed. Dunedin is a stunning place during summers when the temperature is perfect to explore Otago Peninsula. There are hidden tunnel beaches, Larnach Castle, and the diverse animal world which qualifies Dunedin for the most beautiful places in New Zealand.


Napier is a famous wine lover destination. Situated in the Hawke  Bay, the grapes here are simply thriving. There is a multitude of cellar doors which makes it a great place to visit and do some sampling. The vineyards have some spectacular, pretty locations. If you are not much of a wine person, then engage yourself with golf, wildlife, and art deco buildings. With a unique experience at vineyards, Napier is definitely one of the beautiful places in New Zealand.


No list of New Zealand famous places would be complete without Milford Sound. There is no second thought that it's one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Located in the national park of Fiordland, this is a true World Heritage Site. Cruise your way out to the tramping the track for one of the New Zealand's famous walks. 


Another famous New Zealand gem is Tongariro National Park. What's so special about this place? It's a dual world heritage site because of the featured volcanic which holds the importance of Maori culture. The national park also offers country's best day walk at Tongariro Crossing. Every year thousands of people walk 19.4 km tramp to watch the marvelous park and emerald lakes as well. 


One of the best places to visit during the summer time is Mt. Maunganui with its highly impressive landscape. The beach area consists of extinct volcano sitting at one end providing a perfect backdrop to the lively city. It's also known for offering a great spot for sunrise. The Mount is famous among sunbathers, surfers and for anyone looking for a place to drink and eat.


Another New Zealand famous places is a close call for Franz Josef Glacier. With the summer glowing up, you can take a hike to the mountain or a helicopter ride over the glacier. Also, discover the cavernous drops and spectacular blue ice caves for the best scenery in New Zealand. 


Last but not the least is the place known as the adventure capital of Rotorua, the Queenstown. Every year's thousands of people flock in to enjoy every adventure activity you can think of. Froma action-packed skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, jet boating to wine tasting, cruises and walks, this city will always make you feel alive. 

So, there you get your list of beautiful places in New Zealand. If you are planning to visit New Zealand this season and looking for a memorable stay, you can check out Te Koha Lodge. It's a beautiful private space located on the top of a hill offering you great food and excellent stay.  All the New Zealand famous places are just an hour drive away from the lodge. So, get ready for the holidays because, with so many beautiful places in New Zealand, the days might just fall short.