Things You Must Do For an Enjoyable New Zealand Vacation

What you must do in New Zealand – A nation where there’s more than meets the eye

Most of the people belonging to different parts of the world associate New Zealand with one of few things – the All Blacks national rugby team, the Lord of the Rings movie, and plentiful number of sheep. It can be hardly be doubted that the movie, these fifteen all-conquering sporting personalities, and the few millions of woolly mammals form an essential part of everything that makes New Zealand such a special country. But there is more to the country than this. 

This is a country that boasts an incredible amount of diversity with a large number of New Zealand must see items that belie the small size of the nation. In fact, the list of top things to do in New Zealand is so vast that most tourists find themselves running short of time all too soon and wishing that they had a few more weeks to spend “down under.”

The country’s location on the edge of a couple of tectonic plates makes it home to plenty of subterranean activities. The eventual manifestation in the form of earthquakes, though less enjoyable, has given rise to some of the most astonishing natural phenomena that are on offer in New Zealand. 

From Lake Taupo to the Tongariro Crossing to the sulphuric mud pools of Rotorua, signs of massive prehistoric eruption are evident all around the country. The good news is that the liveliest activities are occurring in the area nowadays involves zipping jet boats and fishing anglers which altogether make for a far more enjoyable collection of activities you must do in New Zealand.

Top things to do in New Zealand

Queenstown is where you go wild: 

If you are looking for the perfect adventure destination, look no further than Queenstown. From biking to hiking, river rafting to skiing and jet boat rides, you get to experience it all over here. When you visit the place where bungy jumping had its origins, can you possibly leave it out from your list of things you must do in New Zealand? If you think this kind of adrenalin rush is not your thing, enjoy some quiet, relaxing alternatives in the form of alfresco dining, spa treatments, or wine tasting among top things to do in New Zealand. 

Waiheke, the wine-tasting territory: 

Largely regarded as an enchanting oasis, Waiheke Islands is home to a blend of grandeur and magic personified by the vast stretches if funky cafes, art studios, beaches, olive groves, and vineyards. If you are keen on taking a sip of the finest wines in the country at one of the many vineyards from a place that overlooks the sea with stunning views, then Waiheke Islands should feature on your list of New Zealand must see things.

‘Kia Ora’ Maori Culture: 

Rotorua is the place to be in if you wish to experience and soak up the finest hospitality and Maori culture that New Zealand has to offer. This is referred to as the cultural heart of the country and is a New Zealand must see that you would regret if you happen to miss. Cultural shows run in all authentic pre-European Maori villages and you can catch one at any one of them for this is one of the things you must do in New Zealand. The thermal pools will simply be beckoning out to you once you finish savoring the traditional “hangi” feast. 

Scale of Milford Sound is the place to bask in: 

Take your leave from Queenstown for an afternoon cruise around the snow-capped peaks, spectacular waterfalls, and dramatic fjords surrounding Milford Sound. It is one of the New Zealand must see destinations and is often regarded as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” An overnight boat ride, kayaking, or flightseeing are the best means of getting a look at this wonderful piece of Fjordland and is another of the top things you must do in New Zealand.

Explore the varying geothermal phenomena: 

Rotorua is home to a large number of huge volcanic craters, boiling mud pools, and geysers, where the forces of nature are seen to escape as hissing, steaming, and bubbling out from the inner bellies of the earth. Discover all the wonders and sights that this city has to offer, sitting as it does bang on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Exploration of geothermal phenomena ranks as one of the top things to do in New Zealand.

Find some furry-footed friends: 

 The first Lord of the Rings movie had its release sometime back in 2001. Ever since New Zealand has become synonymous with the Middle-Earth. You can take a guided tour of the Hobbit movie set sitting in Matamata which is the land of lush pastures belonging to The Shire. For many travellers, this is one of the must do in New Zealand.

Go on a heli-hike to a glacier: 

Rugged beaches, glaciers, rainforests, and wild rivers welcome tourists to the stunning and unspoiled West Coast that is still ripe for exploration. You can opt for a helicopter ride that will take you to the top of one of the glaciers and makes it for New Zealand must see places. from where you can embark on a guided walk on to the frozen Fox Glacier or Franz Joseph. This is one of the top things to do in New Zealand that is not for the faint-hearted.

Considering there is a lot you must do in New Zealand while on vacation and the vast options of New Zealand must see attractions, it is important that you have a nice and relaxing accommodation to keep you relaxed and stress-free on your tour.

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