Why Should Every Travel Enthusiast Visit New Zealand At Least Once?

Once in a Lifetime ...

The purpose of traveling for any person is often to explore, gain first-hand knowledge, and see the unique creations. Full-time travelers have to wander from one country to another to experience the different flavors, as in one nation you might be able to find mountains but no seas, and in another, you might not be able to climb a hill but just swim in the ocean. 

Though, in New Zealand, the geography is as such that a person coming here will get the advantage of exploring everything and thus every travel enthusiast should visit New Zealand at least once in a lifetime. There are various New Zealand tourist attractions and apart from the beautiful locations, you will also have a number of things to do in New Zealand. We have created a list of New Zealand attractions which will help you create your itinerary. 

New Zealand Tourist Attractions: Take a Tour Today

1. The Bay Of Islands – Haven For Sailing and Yachting

Bay of Islands is perhaps the most famous New Zealand tourist attractions. For the travelers, the best things to do in New Zealand is to relax and to do so, what can be better than sailing and yachting. The Bay Of Islands consists of the group of over 144 islands. Here you can do kayaking along the country coast, take a hike to the trails of the islands, enjoy isolation in the coves, and deeply explore the untouched forests. In here, you will be finding a variety of seabirds and creatures like penguins, whales, dolphins, big marlin, etc. 

One of the New Zealand Attractions present here is the Hole in Rock. It is a popular natural rock formation and also one of the commercial New Zealand tourist attractions.

To reach here, you can get a flight from the Aukland Airport. If you want to take a road trip, you will have to cover a distance of 193 km which will take time of 3 hours. The perfect time to come here is between February and March.  

2. National Park of Tongariro: World’s Oldest National Parks 

The beauty of the turquoise lakes rich in minerals along with breathtaking sceneries makes Tongariro National Park one of the best New Zealand tourist attractions. Here you can rejuvenate your soul with the picturesque scene of the untamed forests, lush meadows, towering volcanoes, and arid plateaus. The vivid geography makes the Tongariro National Park one of the best New Zealand attractions. 

The time between December to February is the best to come here. You can either take a flight or follow a 7-hour road from the city of Auckland to reach here. 

3. Rotorua – Geothermal Region With A Dramatic Topography

One of the best things to do in New Zealand is to visit the Rotorua between November and April. This New Zealand tourist attraction is famous for being the world's only geothermal region which forms a very dramatic topography because of being located in in the Pacific Fire Ring. The presence of pools with boiling mud, steaming geysers, volcanic craters, and thermal springs that keep making hissing noise make this one of the unique New Zealand tourist attractions. Out of many things to do in New Zealand is to do luging, mountain biking and skydiving in Rotorua. 

If you want to reach here by road, you can take taxi or coach from Auckland. The time taken will be about two and half hours. 

4. Queenstown – The Adventure Capital Of New Zealand

For the people who love adventure, Queenstown is the best amongst the New Zealand attractions. It is also counted as the most visited New Zealand tourist attractions. Adventure sports like bungee jumping, hiking, downhill skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, jet boating, white-water rafting are all available at this one spot. 

The best time to come here is between June and August. Queenstown can be reached both by road and air. 

5. Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers – The World’s Most Accessible Glaciers

One of the best and unique New Zealand tourist attractions is Fox And Franz Josef Glaciers. These are also the world's most accessible glaciers. If you are planning to come here, then you must plan your vacation during June and August. When coming here, you must not forget to take a guided hike. The frozen landscapes here are nowhere to be found in any part of the world and that puts this place as one of the things to do in New Zealand.

The Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are one the most accessible glaciers in the world, and thus one of the best New Zealand attractions. You can reach here on a flight but to get the best and a surreal experience you must take the road.

The Magical places and adventures like these make it a must for any travel enthusiast to visit New Zealand at least once in a lifetime. For the luxury accommodation at the North Island, Te Koha Lodge gives you space, silence and excellent food on the top of a hill.