Haruru Falls: A Waterfall With Beauty And An Interesting History

Don't miss out the Haruru Falls

If you are willing to spend an adventure vacation in New Zealand, you must make sure that you visit the Haruru Falls or this holiday will be incomplete. This waterfall is special and one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. The time you will spend here will be one of the best memories of your life. 

The waterfall is in an interior place with a small residential settlement. To get here you will first have to reach Paihia, and then go 3 km further. A hike to the Haruru Falls from Paihia is highly recommended. It is also an ocean path or sea road (aramoana) towards the interiors where various tribes live. Another special thing about the Haruru is that it has a shape similar to that of a horseshoe which makes it more popular amongst the visitors and definite New Zealand attractions.

History Of The Haruru Falls

The Haruru Falls apart from being one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand is known for its history and is the first river port of the country.

In 1828 a small hotel with two stories was made near the waterfall. The initial name given to it was The Northampton Castle. In the beginning, the hotel did not have much footfall till the time Louis C Goffe understood the potential this place had and made a decision to invest in it. The place was bought by Goffe in the year 1856. 

To improve the commercial potential of this place he also opened a small store near the hotel where he kept the basic supplies. In the hotel, Goffe's wife worked as a cook who could serve delicious food along with comfortable accommodation. This place was a perfect place for the visitors like ferrymen and sailors as the husband and wife had acquired a travelers' license that gave them the permission to serve drinks even at irregular hours. This filled the hotel with life, as the sailors and ferrymen would not leave the place as per their schedule but according to the format of the tides. 

As the rule of the queen came in New Zealand, the rules of the hotel also changed and the hotel was renamed as Waitangi Hotel. Sarah Goffe liked the name Dew Drop Inn and thus also mentioned it on a board hung right above the front door of the inn. Goffe and his wife started keeping bullocks for sale here. The structure could hold accommodate around 100 bullocks at a time. Since the Haruru Falls was close to the interior areas, a telegraph was also connected here. This was the first selected hotel in New Zealand and had a good reputation until it caught fire after more than 100 years on 26th September 1937 making it one of the New Zealand attractions.

The river path was lit and marked with beacons. These beacons were oil-fired and thus gave the path a unique appearance. In here were two small boats with the names Haire and Selwyn. The purpose of these two boats was to transport gum and kauri logs. During the early 1850's the mission station was located at Paihia and the hotel was at the Haruru Falls. At this time there were only 7 residents. 

There was also a small post office run from Haruru Falls. The stamp mentioned the name of the Paihia Station. Later a phone was also installed here which could be used by the travelers between 9 am and 5 pm. The travelers could use the phone for a charge of 10 cents or 1 shilling. A path leading from the edge of the river to the main road was known as the Cherry Tree Lane. This was the first recorded road and still considered as the most beautiful places in New Zealand.

Why You Must Not Miss Going To The Haruru Falls

Haruru Falls is amongst New Zealand attractions and you must not miss a chance to visit it if you are in this beautiful country. In Maori, the meaning of Haruru is "big noise". You can very well understand the relevance of the name during the heavy rains. Even when it is sunny, the amount of water that cascades through this waterfall is breathtaking. 

You can find a group of Kiwis using this waterfall as a spot to rest. This view is definitely one of the reasons to visit the place and a perfect New Zealand attractions.

From here you can even go to the Rainbow Falls which is another New Zealand attractions. You will have various other places like the beautiful lawn of The Treaty Grounds' and a museum to visit here. 

These places are at a walking distance from the and thus it is also a perfect place for families with kids. People who love food can also have their taste buds stimulated at this beautiful place. At the Haruru Falls' takeaway, you will be served with delicious fish, chips, and burger.

Whether you are a tourist in New Zealand Or a national resident, coming to Haruru Falls is a must for all. Visit this most beautiful places in New Zealand and come back with the memories filled with best of New Zealand. Book your stay at the luxury boutique lodge Te Koha and learn more about New Zealand offerings with our travel guide.