Mini Travel Guide For Best Places in North Island New Zealand

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New Zealand comprises of national treasures and destinations worth the exploration. This can even make your travel itinerary a bit difficult to finalize. The landscape is not just breathtaking, but it's a perfect blend of both mountains and beaches in the small yet perfectly endowed country.

The North Island is one of the most touristy locations which contains everything from lakes to glaciers to beaches. Places like Taupo, Bay of Islands and Rotorua, Haruru fall, and Matauri Bay are the best attractions of North Islands.

Best places to visit in north island New Zealand

The nice thing about Northern part of New Zealand is that there is a lot to do and plenty to see every day. Here's a well-planned list of best places to visit in north island New Zealand which is going to blow your mind. Starting from the top of Cape Regina all the way to the Stewart Island coastline, how would you plan where to go? Therefore, follow this mini guidebook to best places to visit in north island New Zealand. 

Start With Cruising Around The Bay of Island

There is only one way that will perfectly express why Bay of Islands is one of the best places to start exploring New Zealand. It's by hiring kayaks and taking the daily cruise or riding a yacht and sailing in the bay's marine world. This subtropical area is known for the abundance and stunning beauty of marine world including dolphins, marlin, whales, gannets and more. 

More than 100 islands have inlets and bays to explore where the enthralling beauty of shoreline will capture you. Don't forget to join the walking and camping grounds for the more outdoor experience. The beauty and availability of everything make Bay of Island one of the best places to visit in north island New Zealand. 

Discover Auckland’s Culture & Diversity

Even though New Zealand is all about mountains, lakes, beaches, and nature the vibrant and modern city of Auckland is one the melting pot of diversity precisely from all the South Pacific countries. 

Nestled between Manukau and Waitemata means Kiwis are just 30 minutes away from the coastline. That's why aptly named as "City of Sails." The favorite past time for many visitors here is sailing and city has tons of compelling attractions to keep you entertained. Don't forget to enjoy the 360-degree view of the city from Sky Tower.

Explore “Middle-Earth” With “Hobbiton” Movie Set Tours

Any Hobbit and Lord of Rings fan? Get lost in the "Middle Earth" with a relaxing sightseeing tour of the movie set Hobbiton where the world famous "The Hobbit" and "Lord of Rings" were shot. The quaint village is located in the old Matamata town which is famous for horse breeding and thriving farmland. The set was rebuilt for the trilogy and have been covered with captivating experience of surrounding hills.

Bath In The Hot Springs & Mud Pools Of Rotorua

While you are in North Island, you cannot miss experiencing Rotorua. It's a cultural heart of New Zealand's Maori people. It's famous for natural geysers and mud pools which still erupts due to geothermal activity. The Sulphur city is home to many natural spas and no doubt why it makes one of the best places to visit in north island New Zealand. Who wouldn't want to relax in a place like this? Listen to old tales, watch Maori performance and enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine.

Camp Around The Matauri Bay

Located to the north of Bay of Islands, Matauri Bay is known for crystal clear water and white sand. It's particularly famous for local camping by many travelers and backpackers from all across the world. Matauri Bay is one of the early sites of Maori tribes in 1814. Today Matauri bay offers a wholesome holiday experience for surfers, divers, fishers, and everyone who comes for holidaying. The final resting area at Cavalli Islands near to Matauri Bay is The Rainbow Warrior. This place has turned into a living reef attracting recreational divers to explore the marine life making it one of the best places to visit in north island New Zealand.

Haruru Falls

Another center of attraction on the North Island is Haruru falls which is small but a very wide waterfall. Haruru fall is where the river Waitangi falls at its strongest and powerful current feeding into the lagoon that lets the water outlet into Bay of Islands. The fall is located neat to the ground of Waitangi treaty and Te Tii Marae. Located only 5 km from Paihia bay, Haruru is surely one of the best places to visit in north island New Zealand. During the heavy rains, the Haruru falls quickly becomes a torrent of raged up water. Though New Zealand consists of a plethora of waterfalls, only a few have the history similar to Haruru Falls. The lagoon area around the fall was used by Maoris and was the first port. 

The North Island of New Zealand is home to some of the best, comfortable and contemporary stay from where you can walk or drive to all these fantastic places. Once such beautiful place is Te Koha Lodte, perched above the bay area offering the comfort of home with unique surroundings. 

Your visit to northern Island would be incomplete without one such quaint and peaceful stay like this. So, next time when you come, take a look at some of these best places to visit in north island New Zealand. Sit next to Haruru falls, soak up the sun at Matauri bay or enjoy the horizon from the happening Auckland city. It's all going to be worth the view!