Get Your Game On with the Best New Zealand Hunting Tours

If you’ve got game, it’s time for you to go New Zealand hunting

New Zealand hunting is one of the best ways for you to get outdoors and enjoy the environment wherein you are surrounded by stunning scenic beauty. It also help in the efforts being made towards conservation of endangered species in New Zealand. 

Being the pesky species that we are, humans migrating to this beautiful country introduced a number of species that were pests and not in tune with the natural ecology and environment of the place. This also had a severe impact on the forestry and farming of the nation. Since these game species do not have any natural predators, New Zealand hunting offers a vast number of game species to chase after for hunting enthusiasts.

Going for an independent hunt in New Zealand requires a great degree of planning and you need to do all this well in advance of your scheduled date of arrival. You will be required to sign-up for a special firearms license meant for visitors before you are eligible to place an application for the various hunting licenses in the country. 

If you are a backpacker to the country and are looking to try your hand at a hunting spot, your best option would be to opt for a qualified license holder in New Zealand. You could find yourself as the guest of a New Zealand farmer for hunting is a popular sport among them or it could be a commercial operator who specializes in offering customized hunting experiences.

Best New Zealand hunting – North Island locations

Manawatu – Whanganui

Some of the remotest hunting locations in the country can be found in the forested Manawatu – Whanganui area of the New Zealand North Islands. Goats, wild pigs, and fallow deer hunting is usually done near Waitotara. If you venture deeper into the Whanganui National Park then you can enjoy goat, pig, and New Zealand stag hunt in the many backwater-style farm stays that the region offers.


Wellington’s Wairarapa District is home to three forest parks that are ideal locations for those looking to go on a hunt – Aorangi, Rimutaka, and Tararua. There are also some stunning properties along the coast where you can enjoy a New Zealand stag hunt.

Best New Zealand hunting – South Island locations


Goats, pigs, fallows, chamois, stag, or tahr hunting New Zealand – the Nelson Lakes National Park is where you can enjoy all of this. You will also be afforded the added opportunity of hunting small games such as possums, hares, rabbits, quail, geese, black swan, pigeons, and ducks. Many private tour operators offer guided tours in this area.


The Canterbury region has a number of farms that offer hunting trips such as the Caderfeidh Farms and Kaiwarua Station with guides to the aptly named Hunter Hills. The Rata Peaks Station is another place to try out along with hunting in the Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park and Hakatere Conservation Park for rams, goats, New Zealand stag hunt, and tahr hunting New Zealand.


There is no shortage of game in the Hawea Conservation Park. Local hunting guides can be availed for delving deep into the area in search of tahr hunting New Zealand, chamois, and New Zealand stag hunt. You can take a jet boat from Te Anau to Fiordland National Park to enjoy guided hunting and fishing tours.

Tahr hunting New Zealand – Best Season

Tahr hunting is allowed in New Zealand all through the year but restrictions exist when it comes to enjoying aerial access to certain areas of the hunting grounds. Winter is one time of the year when tahr hunting New Zealand becomes very difficult with the climatic conditions and length of the day working against you. 

Nevertheless, the rut in May/June is the best time for you to catch hold of this animal in its prime condition. Spring is when the tahr comes out of its winter coat, making them lighter in color so they can be spotted with ease. They also descend to lower altitudes during this time so you as a hunter won’t be required to make a long climb to hunt them down.

New Zealand stag hunt – When to hunt

When it comes to New Zealand stag hunt there is nothing mentioned in terms of seasonal restrictions. So you can go hunting for them all through the year. However, instances do exist where restrictions could be applied for specific periods and reasons even during seasons when it may be preferable for many to go on a New Zealand hunting trip.

Stags tend to be most vocal during the rut when they call out to attract the attention of the hinds, being less cautious than other times. This period lasts for around four weeks, and stags become most vocal during a couple of weeks in the middle. Spring is another good time for a New Zealand stag hunt. They are usually seen outside the forest during this period as they come out to feed on shrub growth and new grass at this time. So, pack your gears and get ready for some action at New Zealand hunting.

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