Looking For Things To Do In Auckland? Here’s Your Personal Guide For Auckland

Unwind yourself in Auckland, New Zealand

As an adventure capital of the world, New Zealand is regarded as one of the dream destinations among travelers from all across the globe that is good enough to pack a huge punch into a small space complete with jaw-dropping coastlines, adrenaline pumping adventures, cosmopolitan cities, and astounding scenery. 

Starting from the largest urban area in New Zealand with its famously lit Sky Tower, the decision on the things to do in Auckland can prove extremely overwhelming. Before moving on to interiors and secluded locations around Auckland in the northern region, it would be great if you could explore this amazing city located on the two largest harbors of New Zealand.

Confused on things to do in Auckland? Here's Your Quick Guide

The most populous city in New Zealand is home to some of the best museums and cultural institutions in the country which includes the likes of Auckland Art Gallery, Toi-o-Tamaki, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum.  For nature lovers, your list of things to do in Auckland would be incomplete if you don’t go on a trip to the Rangitoto Island, Auckland Zoo, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, Mount Eden, and appreciate the breathtaking landscapes at Waiheke Island. 

Nestled just a few hours outside the city are some iconic Kiwi attractions such as the Hobbiton Movie Set and Waitomo Glowworm Caves which are popular inclusions on the list of things that you must do in New Zealand.

With steady observations from different types of travelers, here's the round-up on some of the exciting things to do in Auckland and its surrounding area along with must do in New Zealand. Going beyond the usual attraction of bungee jumping, sailing scuba diving and skydiving, the nearby areas to Auckland gives you plenty to soak up your eyes with stunning views and experience the lifestyle.

Take a kayak to a nearby volcanic island 

You can hire out a kayak and paddle over to the Rangitoto Island which is a dormant volcano situated close to downtown Auckland. There are also ferry services to take you there and definitely among the must things to do in Auckland. The path along which the lava once flowed can now be walked along and will take you to the summit from where you get to enjoy spectacular views of the city and Auckland harbor spread down below. Just imagine the sunset from the summit, already melting your hearts. Kayaking is among some of the top things to do in New Zealand included in the list of adventure activities. 

Enjoy a 5-hour walk across the country

Sounds crazy? Not exactly! The coast-to-coast walkway spans the narrowest neck of land in the country. You can start your journey from the Viaduct Harbor on the east coast of Auckland and head west through beautiful parklands and urban landscapes. The path will also take you over a number of other dormant volcanoes before you finish your 16 km long journey at Manukau Harbor making it one of the best things to do in Auckland. While traveling around Auckland, if you are in no mood to stay back in the city and are looking for some peace, Te Koha Lodge gives you a blissful stay facing the Piapia and Taiaue Bay. 

The Isle of Wine is a day trip away

Featured in the list of things to do in Auckland is a 35-minute ferry ride which will get you to Waiheke Island which is better known as the Auckland Island of Wine. This haven of beautiful island beaches houses around 30 wineries and is a slice of paradise akin to few seen on earth. You can be part of a wine tasting tour and linger around for lunch, sitting at a table across which there are gorgeous views of the vineyards.

Discovering the lost Rotoroa island

Rotoroa Island used to be a private rehabilitation center before being opened to the public in 2005 after almost a century. You can go wandering through the new museum and exhibition centers that have come up here while also visiting the historic jailhouse and chapel. The beautiful bush trails and white-sand beaches are other places that you can take an enjoyable walk along.

Add some cultural experience of the Pasifika festival

Auckland is home to the largest Polynesian population in the world. If we have yet failed to convince you about the things to do in Auckland this one is sure to fit the bill. Go exploring in the authentic villages that are a representation of the different Pacific island nations as part of the annual Pasifika Festival. You can also catch live music and dance performances while browsing through the different food and art stalls.

What are the other things you must do in New Zealand?

See the Moeraki Boulders: 

Laid along a stretch of the Koekohe Beach on the Otago coast, the Moeraki Boulders are a natural phenomenon. Honestly, most of the people aren’t even well aware of their existence until recommended. The boulders are a really wonderful sight to behold and perhaps the visit to this lesser-known territory is one of the top things to do in New Zealand. Their precise location is between Hampden and Moeraki on the South Island. According to scientists, these boulders were formed millions of years ago due to the landslide, wave action, and erosion. That means you should have it in your top things to do in new Zealand.

Experience zorbing in Rotorua City: 

Rotorua is also a great stopover city for hot springs so at the end of a day full of adventures you can spend some time warming up in the warm sulfur waters of the volcanic craters. Experiencing natural spa and geysers to relax facing an ocean is a must do in New Zealand. 

New Zealand offers a lot in terms of the top things to do in New Zealand from the bustling city of Auckland to the serene Bay of Island. Plan your trip well and you will get to experience places and things to do in Auckland that you would have only dreamt of for so long.