New Zealand Hunting Trips - One Of A Kind!

Hunting in New Zealand - Just Right At Your Doorstep.

Besides golfing, fishing or diving, hunting trips are one of the reasons why people visiting New Zealand. Our accommodation serves you as a perfect and luxury hunting lodge combined with a great view over the beautiful bay and golden beaches.

Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand with BJ Holdsworth and Amplehunting. Red Stag Roar.

The Hunt Is On! 11,600 Ha Forest.

Furthermore we are prepared for any request in regards to New Zealand hunting trips. The Area around the bay of islands offers you a 11,600 ha mixed kauri podocarp forest which is a perfect spot for hunting trips.

This forest contains: The Opua Forest, Whangae Conservation Area, Horotutu Scenic Reserve, Waikino Forest, Waikino Forest Addition, Tipatipa Scenic Reserve, Waikare Historic Reserve, Russell Forest, Russell Forest Addition, Russell Forest Addition No1, Russell Forest Addition No2 and Ngaiotonga Scenic Reserve.


All of them are perfectly suited for your personal hunting trips. Do you have a dog travelling with you? It’s not a problem as long as the dogs are kept under control at all times. Further its allowed to hunt with your dog during your New Zealand hunting trips within the official hunting areas. To protect the native animals like the Brown kiwi or other ground nesting birds, dogs can get a special training before going on a hunting trip.

As a base before and after your New Zealand hunting trips you could choose one of our luxurx hunting lode without missing anything. Feel free to contact us for any request. In addition to hunting trips we can highly recommend fishing trips as well. Those two explorer activities will give you in the real life of the wild nature of New Zealand.