Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in the Bay of Islands

Discover Why Bay of Islands is One of the Best Dive Sites in New Zealand

If diving is your passion, the Bay of Islands is without doubt the dive spot to be for you in New Zealand, with two popular ship wrecks waiting there to be discovered: One is the Rainbow Warrior shipwreck – a must-do for every diver, and it is only a 15-minute drive away from our Huntaway Lodge.


Heard about the Rainbow Warrior Memorial? Wreck diving at its best!

The Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace ship, which was bombed in Auckland harbour by French Intelligence in 1985. It was sunk right in front of the Cavalli Islands two years later in 1987, and is now sitting 26 metres below the water surface on the sandy grounds of Matauri Bay – so much for the history part of it. Inside the ship wreck you’ll not only find the remains of what used to be the control centre and dormitory of the crew. Be prepared to swim past hundreds of flowering sea anemones, pink and yellow sponges, and a whole bunch of different underwater creatures like big snappers, little big-eyed cavefish, and others resident marine life.

Another must-do diving experience is to dive down to the ship wreck of the HMNZS Canterbury, which is an approximately 2-hour drive away. The HMNZS Canterbury was a vessel of the Royal New Zealand Navy and was sunk in November 2007 just out of Cape Brett. It has an astonishing length of 113 metres and many holes through which you can swim into the wreck, which makes it a fun playground for every experienced diver.

Unique Dive Sites in Bay of Islands You Should Visit

Starting from our lodge, you can go on many one- or half-day dive trips up and down the coast of the Bay of Islands. Tauranga Bay, Mahinepua, and Matauri Bay are in the surrounding area, but you can also drive down the coast to Paihia, which is “the heart of the Bay of Islands” – a small town, which offers you direct access to great dive spots and the opportunity to meet friendly locals at nice little cafés and to spend a lazy afternoon at the park.

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Explore the Colorful Coastline Through Snorkeling or Free Diving

For those of you, who’d rather stay on the water surface: get your snorkelling gear ready and experience the different underwater landscapes and marine life from above. If you prefer to hang out on one of our pristine beaches, you are very welcome to do so! Also scenic cruises are a great alternative for non-divers, for example out to the so called “hole in the rock”, which is found at the tip of Cape Brett. Thanks to the subtropical climate of the Northlands, the Bay of Islands is the habitat of an incredible biodiversity of fish and other underwater wildlife. So, if you’re lucky, you will even get the chance to see wild dolphins and humpback whales, which pass our bays every now and then all year round.


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