New Zealand - A Fisherman's Paradise

More than just fishing sports

Welcome to Fisherman's Paradise! Te Koha Lodge is located 60km northwest of the bay of island and offers a great destination to discover unique fishing spots. Even better, Bay of Islands is THE PERFECT SPOT for BIG GAME FISHING. It is an inlet which extends in total to 16 kilometers. It offers a lot of different free time activities especially fishing sports. At Te Koha Lodge, we offer you a couple of opportunities for your personal fishing trip right at our doorstep.

Deep sea, trout river or lake? Set your fishing target!

The bay of islands offer a huge amount of different fish species and spots for fishing sports. Whether you prefer deep sea fishing and go for the big guys or getting started in fresh water, New Zealand has it all. For fly fishing, I definitely recommend to check out New Zealand's list of 10 Great Trout Fishing Rivers

From December to June it's show time! Potential fishing targets for big game fishing are Tuna, Kingfish, Broad bill or the supreme discipline – Sharks and Marlins. Else, you may set your fishing targets to the delicious snapper fish. Two different species of snapper fish are perfect for cooking or smoking it. The first one is the red snapper fish. This fish can get up to 13 kilograms and will usually be 60 cm long. The largest captured animal was 1.26 meters long and weighed 38 kg! The second one is the Gold Band snapper fish. This is although a very tasty food fish.

Would you like to get first hand experience? Join the guys from MorningTide FishingExperience who visited New Zealand's north Island.

Eat, sleep and fish at Te Koha Lodge 

All in all, fishing sport is a great activity which combines a beautiful landscape, an extraordinary boat trip and the perfect drill when it says – fish on! In New Zealand, fishing sports is fantastic way to dig into the nature of our beautiful country. At the end, it's up to you whether you catch and release or keep it for dinner. At Te Koha Lodge, we'll be ready to prepare and cook your Gold Band Snapper? ;) The Te Koha Lodge offers you a great amount of different activities to explore Northland New Zealand in a way you did not expect. Yet, fishing sports is just one of many activities you can do at our luxury accommodation. Take a look in our Blog and check out other unique activities right at our doorstep. There are many other posts to come with topics you may be interested in. Or just leave a message and we will answer you as soon as possible. We would be glad to see you soon.