To: At all Globetrotters Around The World

Subject: A Sense Of Home In A Faraway Place?

Dear Globetrotter,

after more than 15 years of intense travelling around the globe, my partner and I have essentially experienced everything the world had to offer in terms of resorts, lodges, and luxury accommodations.

In the end we decided to book the luxury accommodations that offer a unique, personal, and intimate atmosphere and give the guest the feeling that they arrived at home.

Unfortunately, our expectations were often disappointed and so in the beginning of 2015 we decided to create such a unique feeling ourselves and for others who would join us.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

It was meant to be once autumn struck in 2016. Through a longstanding friend we were able to meet
the existing owners of the previous Lodge; a British couple with a good sense of humour and an even bigger love for life.

Before we knew it, we were already on the way back to New Zealand on a trip that was planned for the weekend. Ultimately, we stayed for four weeks and we used the time to connect not only with the land but also its people and its culture. It also made us realise the uniqueness, nestled onto the side of a hill overlooking a beautiful vista of deep blue ocean.

Luxury_Accommodation_New_Zealand_at_Te Koha_Lodge_bay_of_island_wainui.jpg

No other stay had ever left such an imprint of individuality, warmth, fantastic landscapes and intimacy that could only be found in northern New Zealand.

But what makes it so special, the feeling of being at home in a place far, far away?

🔥How can we create a relationship with our guests that provides a personal experience and reaches farther than simple room allocation?

🔥How can we guarantee an intimacy that brings together people from different countries at the dinner table without feeling like strangers?

🔥How can we create a place of restoration that allows you to experience the people, the culture and uniqueness of the environment without being rubber stamped as a tourist?

A sense of home in a faraway place?

Our plan was ready, but the greatest challenge was to find a person who shares our aspirations and embodies the authenticity of New Zealand like no other.

There we found a well travelled international chef- Murray Dick

Murray visited us spontaneously in May 2019 and fell under the spell of the Te Koha Lodge.

With a love for local produce, country and people, he is cooking a modern and international New Zealand.

At Te Koha Lodge, guests turn into friends and memories are accomplished for life. 

We think there are a number of like-minded souls who appreciate luxury accommodations but do not want to be accommodated in large, opulent houses but rather appreciate individual hospitality.

Thus, whether you are looking for a place to escape from everyday life or celebrating the most magical time in your life, we strive to make your experience as inspirational as humanly possible.